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Are you ready to take your media to the next level?

Designed by DW Akademie, Deutsche Welle’s center for international media development, journalism training and knowledge transfer, the SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR is a pioneering initiative to strengthen quality journalism in Tunisia. Its focus spans the whole spectrum of media, from budding ideas and start-ups to well-established and active organizations.

The SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR is committed to catalyzing the development of the media it supports. It offers services to help project leaders and businesses make the right choices and achieve rapid growth. A true hub of excellence for quality journalism, the SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR concentrates resources and international expertise to benefit the organizations that engage in its programs.

The SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR works to ensure journalistic quality, that linked to the production of information, as well as the quality of the functioning of the media and its viability.

This is why the SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR offers capacity building in the form of practical workshops, mentoring, consulting ., as well as broader support aimed, at organizational and strategic development, improvement of internal work processes or sound  financial management.

Two complementary programs

The SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR (SMA) brings together two programs: the MEDIA LOVES TECH (MLT) incubation program, dedicated to new media projects, and the MEDIA PARCOURS (MP) acceleration program, focused on the rapid growth of already existing media. established.

Both are linked and complement each other.

MEDIA LOVES TECH is aimed at start-ups and early-stage media project ideas. The program helps validate concepts or prepare for marketing (seed). It emphasizes the entrepreneurial aspect of project development.

MEDIA PARCOURS provides ongoing support and strengthens already existing media in their growth and capacity for innovation. The approach here is intended to be more global by emphasizing the viability and sustainability of the organization.

The MEDIA LOVES TECH incubation program extends over a period of 3 months, while the MEDIA PARCOURS acceleration program takes the form of support lasting from 6 to 9 months. The same media can benefit from both programs.

Amel Saidane, the president of Tunisian Startups with participants of MEDIA LOVES TECH in 2019 in Tunis.

The “smart” approach

The support is designed “tailor-made” and is intended to be resolutely adapted to the individual needs and objectives expressed by the media, from a sustainability perspective.

Both programs offer a catalog of services, some mandatory, others optional, defined jointly by the organizations and our team of experts.

Furthermore, the two programs fully integrate the digital dimension which has imposed itself on the media in recent years: reflection on the digital strategy to adopt is at the heart of the support for each media involved.

Finally, the design and operation of the SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR are themselves digitally oriented. To do this, the programs rely on a large number of online resources via the SMax platform, which allows personalized learning. Access to knowledge is supplemented by practical activities, mentoring and “on-demand” coaching, both online and offline.

Milestones, objectives and deliverables

Each program establishes clearly defined milestones and goals, with deliverables that make it easy to track and visualize progress.

Visit the MEDIA LOVES TECH and MEDIA PARCOURS pages to find out more.

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The SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR is an initiative of the DW Akademie, Deutsche Welle’s center for international media development, journalistic training and knowledge transfer.

This program is funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).