Deadline : 30 April 2024

How much time are you willing to spend optimizing your media?
MEDIA PARCOURS empowers your company to reach its pivotal scale!

MEDIA PARCOURS is DW Akademie’s acceleration program for the media in Tunisia. Over a period of 6 to  9 months, MEDIA PARCOURS  offers continuous and tailored support to established structures, to ensuring their growth and profitability.

MEDIA PARCOURS adopts a holistic approach by focusing on the viability and sustainability of the organization involved.

Who can benefit from MEDIA PARCOURS?

MEDIA PARCOURS is aimed at all independent, associative or private media organizations operating in Tunisia. The program targets media outlets which are ready to engage their entire structure and which, like DW Akademie, see improving the quality of their practices as key to their success and sustainability.

In the studios of IFM radio in Tunis in 2022

What does the program offer?

MEDIA PARCOURS draws on a catalogue of services to media organisations and the support of recognized experts for a carefully crafted tailor-made support, designed with your structure.

MEDIA PARCOURS offers personalized and smart support. The program starts off with a comprehensive audit of the media outlet (organization, marketing, audience, quality). Tailoring to your brand identity, you define the objectives to be achieved during the MEDIA PARCOURS period. Together, we then draw-upa roadmap of all activities to be carried out, with stages, directly linked to your needs, and with the support of recognized experts; national and international.

MEDIA PARCOURS is a flexible program that offers different support options: capacity building, expertise, online resources and networking.

The heart of the support focuses on 3 main thematics:

1.    Journalistic & content quality

2.    Audience & business development

3.    Finance & business operations

A shared goal is to be able to visualize your success in quantitative data and quality benchmarks. This is why a standardized reporting system including key performance indicators (KPIs) is put in place.

This provides crucial information to understand where you are going, to help you make decisions but also to approach investors, media funds, sponsors, etc. at any given time.

What about funding?

MEDIA PARCOURS does not offer direct funding during the program, but participants gain invaluable access to a suite of premium services. Benefit from international expertise, top-tier training, and extensive networking opportunities. The essence is simple: seize every opportunity MEDIA PARCOURS provides to maximize your organization’s development throughout the program!

MEDIA PARCOURS is a component of the European project “Tunisia 360° – On en Parle!” which aims to support the media in the production of quality information on socio-economic topics through financial support. Every organization engaged in MEDIA PARCOURS will be well-prepared to apply, significantly enhancing their chances of securing financial support ranging from €5,000 to €60,000

The stages of the program

1 – Application
From March 15 to April 30, 2024.

The MEDIA PARCOURS journey begins now! Throughout the application phase, we invite  applicants to share their values (“raison d’être”), their achievements and successes, but also  their challenges and key questions. They are also tasked to formulate their strategic objectives. It is on the basis of this initial comprehensive reflection on the organization and its functioning that we evaluate their eligibility.

2 – Needs assessment and roadmap development
Second half of May 2024.

Once officially selected, each  organization undergoes a needs assessment phase. This crucial step enables us to prioritize the objectives to be achieved and the actions to be implemented during the program.

A roadmap is then jointly established.

3 – Program progress
From June to December 2024.

The actions are carried out according to a calendar divided into 3 phases: June/July, September/October, November/December.

4 – Submission of application for financial support
Fall 2024.

Advised throughout the programme, each organisation involved in MEDIA PARCOURS submits its application as part of the European project “Tunisie 360° – On en Parle!” (see paragraph “What about funding?”).

MEDIA PARCOURS is an initiative of DW Akademie. This program is funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)