Thank you for your interest in applying for the DW Akademie Film Development Fund!

Please read the guidelines prior to submitting your application.

* A treatment is written before the screenplay. It is a condensed narrative of the film’s story. A treatment is shorter than a screenplay and usually doesn't contain detailed dialog. It should read like a short story, told in the present tense. You will be asked to submit a maximum of 20 pages for a fictional project and a maximum of 7 pages for documentaries.


If you need clarification on any of the application questions or other assistance, please contact: dw-akademie.film-fund@dw.com

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Please note that you are unfortunately not eligible if you don’t permanently live and work in Uganda.

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Producers are not eligible to apply themselves, but we encourage filmmakers to team up early with a producer. The development phase can be used to compose the team.

You could e.g. mention your working experience in the audiovisual sector (film or other) and/or your participation in a degree program or seminar etc.

Project details
If you are unsure about how to write the logline, please find examples here.
This fund supports feature-length fiction, non-fiction and hybrid film projects only. Films under 60 minutes will not be considered.
Alternatively, you can provide a video statement of max. 3 minutes. Please upload the video to a platform such as YouTube or vimeo and send us a link and password. Please keep in mind that the video should be available there for at least 4 months.
The fund focuses on the development phase of a film's overall production. This is the phase for creating ideas, writing screenplays, acquiring financing, contracting rights etc. Development activities that can be funded include, but are not limited to: Work on your screenplay, research (travel), production of a mood reel, participation in labs (lab fees), acquiring financing for production (work on further funding applications, travel to festivals), location or character scouting etc.

Please list the planned activities to be implemented, and the outcomes to be achieved, within the project period in a preliminary time schedule. Please use the DW Akademie template.

Are you already collaborating with a team, e.g. with a producer/production company or script consultant?

Development: Funding amount and budget

Please note that applicants whose projects have been shortlisted will be asked to submit a budget. DW Akademie will get in touch with you if your project has been shortlisted.

Risk analysis
Challenges and training needs
Please note that these are examples and not eligibility requirements for funding

In addition to receiving financial support, successful grantees will be matched with international expert mentors that will guide them through the development process of their film project for the whole year.

In addition, DW Akademie will offer tailor-made training opportunities in different formats and on various subjects for all grantees. The training offer will be designed according to the grantees´ needs. To get an idea of which areas (in filmmaking) that would be of interest to you, please specify below.